I am IN so much JOY to be offering a beautiful healing session that has brought my own life very much into the fluid state of balance through nonjudgmental playful exploration. 

Firstly, we open our minds and energy to the idea that multi-dimensional and quantum possibilities exist and allow positive change to occur. 

I align my intentions to serve as an open source of light to bring through sounds that will benefit the highest divine order for your BE-ing at this time. These sounds enter into your energy field to bring balance to your body, all of your chakras and subtle energy bodies.

when combined with a ripe readiness and receptivity for more... these sounds have the power to activate dormant dna strands that, when awoken, make accessible a deeper and upleveled version of authentic expression.

This process is accompanied with Thai Yoga bodywork to assist your physical body into a parasympathetic state, and to help the sound infuse as deeply as possible in this moment. 




We come together with love in a supportive and safe environment to explore sound and its capacity to move energy. 

Inquire via the contact form for more information on how to schedule a lesson or book a workshop.



vocal explorations