Offerings Include:

Sound Healing/ DNA Activation (Private Sessions availble)

recieve a powerful healing session that will activate dormant codes in your DNA. DNA codes hold your divine being blueprint which makes up who you are and why you are here on Mother earth at this very moment in the story


Emotional-Balancing Sound Sessions (Private, relationship and group sessions offered)

a personalized soundscape for you. you and your partner, or group of friends. in person or via email, Madeleine tunes into your energy field to provide the sounds/music you need to relax, and expand into a balanced emotional state, filled with love, trust and inner knowing

*Combine Thai Yoga Bodywork with a sound healing session available


Vocal Exploration Lessons (private and group lessons offered)

 With many moons of vocal coaching experience, Madeleine guides you through a journey of exploring your own inner world expressed vocally while giving you tools for developing your naturally beautiful singing voice



Vocal exploration workshops upon request


please email for prices


a sample of Madeleine's vocal explorations