I am IN so much JOY to be offering a beautiful healing session that has brought my own life very much into the fluid state of balance through nonjudgmental playful exploration. 

Aligning my intentions to serve as an open source of light to bring through sounds/sound codes that will benefit the highest divine order for your BE-ing at this time. Sounds that enter into the sphere of the soundscape enter into your energy field and physical body to bring balance to your entire being. When one feels ripe with readiness and receptivity for a life that offers more than the current imbalanced partriarchal paradigm, we can reawaken dormant spiritual/human gifts and authentic expression through opening our heart/mind/body and activating our DNA.

This process is accompanied with Thai Yoga bodywork and/or light healing touch to assist your physical body to receive the sound deeply as medicine, entering into a parasympathetic state.




We come together with love in a supportive and safe environment to explore the movement of sound in relationship to our body's wisdom, and its capacity to move energy. In a vocal exploration lesson or workshop we break down barriers of self limiting thoughts, ideas/beliefs, and old programming in order to move forward, exhalted in our authenticity and as our unique expression of love and light.




I am offering to hold space and create ceremony for you, a loved one, and friend, for rites of passage, birthdays, pregnancies, births or soul passings (human and animal), full or new moons, holidays that honor our mother earth and humanity, or any event you would like to celebrate with the support of community and the power of sound.




Sound artist Madeleine Grace is the name behind Sonic Elixir’s Alchemical Movement. While the origins of her endeavors into sound are rooted in self exploration, there is now a need to be of service, to shine a light upon this excavated thread has been activated so others may find assistance on their own path to self whole-ing and higher consciousness. 

The sound medicine is delivered as a layering of various sounds, harmonies and dissonance, light language and known words, creating a soundscape that percolates with a deep capacity for love, communion and power, reflecting back to us the spectrum of the Hueman experience while also remembering we are infinite and unlimited Spirits. 

The nature of said sonic medicine envelopes it’s auditory audience into the depth of voidal spaciousness, giving a perceived permission slip for participants to cross through the curtains of time, space and dimension, where self can be experienced as one with the unified field of infinite Love and unconditionality.  

This is one thread among many being offered in the tapestry of life that weaves our paths to the understanding of self. It is a practice of inner alchemy and it is one thread where you may find yourself floating into unity conciousness and expanded states of awareness and bliss.  Each time we show up for this connection to the source of love within ourselves we illuminate and expand our heart and our capacities for love and communion grow and deepen while navigating relationships with the people around us, the land we walk on, and the stars in the sky.

If you resonate with this offering, I am excited to welcome you with full embrace into the well of curious and playful, nonjudgmental exploration that is Sonic Elixir’s Alchemical Dance.

Check my calader for an event near you, or contact me to schedule a private event.



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