In person guided sound experiences in nature.

In this offering, we bring ourselves to lay on the skin of Mother Gaia. Madeleine offers sound as a prayer and an offering to the land and invites you into a guided meditation to connect your heart to the heart of Gaia. Here we are given an open space to explore her energy in our own body. This can be experienced laying down on a blanket, exploring the environment within the sphere of sacred space, allowing her energy to move through your creativive-inclined body, and/or sitting in meditation receiving her love, wisdom and guidance. This experience can be facilitated on a land that you live on, or sign up for my mailing list to know when I will be offering them somewhere specific. 


:: SOUND Whole-ing SESSIONS ::

Aligning our intentions, we serve as an open channel for the immense amount of high vibrational non-corporeal support offered to us in the highest divine order for our BE-ing at this time.  This is support from magnificent beings of light, angels, master healers and ascended masters, and the Divine Presence of Madeleine-Eesha'ma.

This sound medicine is delivered as a layering of various sounds codes and Kis, harmonies and beneficial dissonances, light language and known words, creating an immersive soundscape that percolates from a infinite well of love.  

The nature of this sonic medicine envelopes it’s auditory audience into the depth of voidal spaciousness, giving a perceived permission slip for participants to cross through the curtains of time, space and dimension, where self can be experienced as one with the unified field, infinite Love and unconditionality of Source energy.  

This is where wholeness is remembered. This is the place where we experience our multidimensionality. We can honor what comes up emotionally/physically/spiritually and offer up love elixirs from our heart to heal the dissonance/seperation and create real positive change.



Close your eyes. Breathe in, feeling the air fill your lungs. feel how the breath moves your body. feel it reshape you, sense how it changes you. release.

this is how we start every lesson. with mindful somatic tuning in with the body and its fluidity and adaptability. 

We come here to build a trustworthy supportive relationship with our body and voice. We gather to bring love to the parts of us that need it the most, and to find out how much our body supports us already. In a supportive and safe environment we explore our relationship to our body's wisdom, and its capacity to move energy through sound. In a vocal exploration lesson or workshop we break down barriers of limiting thought patterns, ideas/beliefs, and old programming that no longer serve our highest good in order to move forward, exhalted in our authenticity and as our unique expression of love and spirit.

Collaboratively we find our hearts beating again. Brimming with Life force.



Experience the potency of space being held. We can create ceremony for you and your community. Rites of passage// birthdays// pregnancies// births or soul transitions (human/animal/plant). //moon ceremony// holidays and or events that honor our mother earth and heal the relationship between her and humanity// or any event you would like to celebrate with the support of community and the power of sound.



vocal explorations