Turning the Corner

Imagine a narrow forest road. The road is lined with tall beautiful redwoods on both sides, with trunks larger than anything you've ever seen. Then the road starts to open up into a mountain pass and on your right, the most amazing turquoise glacier river comes into view. Raging white caps collide into on another but glide effortlessly down hill. The flow is wild and stunning, I have never seen such an amazing river berfore. I come back to the road and it starts to rain and slush and snow. The road begins to look white instead of grey and suddenly the cliffs down to the river look more precarious than before. I am calm and discerning. I have all weather tires on that are 3 years old and have more than 40k miles on them. I left my studded snows at home. I have rear wheel drive, WHY WASN'T I EXPECTING ANY SNOW ON THIS JOURNEY!!???!?!? But I keep my cool and use my 11 years of snow driving experience to navigate this situation, staying in low gears down hill and keeping the speed up hill. Fortunately there is no bad news to tell, I made it to Portland without a hitch!

Well, one hitch... hikerI picked up this guy I'll call Andrew (becasue I can't remember if that was his name or not!). He had a big pack with him, it was snowing and sleeting and I thought, If I was in his position, I would really love a ride right about now... At first I drove by because my car is already packed pretty tightly, but after inquiring with the Universe, I decided I could re-organize and make room for him. He was also a musician but a metal worker by trade. He had been traveling around when he got a call and found out he has at 2 year old son. He was trying to get to Eureka for a job interview so he could settle down and afford this new situation that has arisen. He's got to make sure the kid is actually his though, because this girl is apparently a shady lady and might not really know who the father is. I dropped him off, gave him a buissiness card, got back on the 5 and headed North.

On the way got some Pho to nourish my spirit and body, then rolled into Portland to an Open Mic at The Way Post. It was really cool. There was a theme of the night, last night's being "Sex" and there was no list to sign up on. It was encouraged that we all talk and organize amongst outselves to figure out who would go when. Pretty cool! I sold a CD and talked to this guy about his custom Amp that he made from an old 16 mm film projector speaker. It had such a cool sound and I got to pick his brain about it.

I have less than a month left to this crazy amazing journey i've been navigating. Currently I'm sitting in a cafe called Oui Presse, a female owned and run coffee shop in Portland, OR. It has a great tea selection. The decore is simple and classy, and it is clean. I always appreciate that! All I know about Portland really, is that it is extrmemly liberal and progressive. They have amazing tap water from a glacier and everyone is very open and communicative. The show Portlandia and not far off from an accurate portrayal of this west coast city. I'll be enjoying the lovely early spring weather here for a few days before heading East to La Grande for my show at The Art Center East. if you have any suggestion of things I should check out, please pass that info my way!

Lots of love and feeling alive! 
Madeleine Grace

this is just the beginning! :p

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