The Madeleine Grace Band

I have 9 days left on the road! But before I talk about what's ahead of me, let me sink back into what has happened since I last wrote to you here.

Portland, OR was a little cold, a little rainy, a lot rainy, but it was so welcoming and recieved me and my music so happily! I played at The Way Post open mic Marthas open mic which is an extention of Revolution Hall, and I played at Atrichoke Music for their open mic. They have a great cafe/venue in the back of their store! Definitely worth checking out if you visit to Portland. I have to give a shoutout to my Homie George for putting me up for the week! It was go good to spend tsome time with him and get to know him better :) On the day I left, the sun finally came out to bid me rare well and I had a very warming ride to La Grande, OR. I was super blessed! And even more when I arrived at my friend Darcy's house! She greeted me with such a loving hug! I havent seen or been in touch with her since college and I'm so glad to have reconnected!  We put on a show at the her Art Center and we had a very intimate concert and a beautiful film screening of The Goddess Project afterwards. The Goddess project is a  documentary these woman made  that interviews women about their lives. You can learn more about it here:

On my way to Colorado, I stayed in an house in Evanston, Wyoming, and the moon was so reiculously beautiful from the perch on top of the hill the house was nestled on. I stayed litereally for 10 ish hours, enough to grab some dinner and try to grab a few ZZZ's but with an empty feeling house and the full moon, that didnt really happen hahah ! Nevertheless, I got to Denver the next day in about 7 hours.

Wednesday night I played the open mic at Mercury Cafe in Denver, and Thursday night I played the open mic at The Corner Beat! Both nights were a lot of fun! I'll be playing at The Laughing Goat this Saturday from 8-9 in Boulder! If you're in the area, come on out!

The best part of the tour is when I get to make new connections with people. People who feel empowered by my music to live their lives a little more wild and want to live more honestly to their path and purpose. It's gratifying to hear the praise when people like my voice, but more gratifying when someone lets me know they have been moved spiritually, because thats the real reason I do this. Not to get compliments or have people tell me how amazing they think I am. It's when some one gets awoken to their own inner-world and inner-wisdom and inner-power that makes it worth the struggle of not knowing where you're going to sleep that night. It makes it worth the struggle of not knowing if you'll have enough money to put gas in the car or have dinner that night.  I mean, i have been so blessed this whole trip with humble people helping make sure those needs are taken care of. Strangers taking me in for a night and feeding me whatever is in their fridge. Friends of friends helping out their friend by helping me, and friends from college I haven't seen or talked to in over 6 years, extending themselves to help me out. 

This  trip was not only an amazing opportunity for me to get my music heard by a larger and wider audience, it was an opportuity to become humbled by generocity of humans being. The world can look scary and relentlessly evil sometimes, especially in this political environment. But what I received throughout this journey was love and tenderness. I received grattitude in form of hugs and meals, warm showers and couches to sleep on. I believe we are all essentially good people, and I think we could all use a good dose of more giving and recieving to and from each other. I have received so much on this trip it's only when reminded by people inspired by my journey and songs do I actually remember that I have also been giving this whole time as well.

Okay so that was more of a closing the journey type post!! but that's okay! It wanted to come out :)

When I get home, I'm putting togther The Madeleine Grace Band. We'll be rocking it hard on April 15th at Bacchus in New Paltz! and I'll be putting a lot of energy into making this music career work. Like really work. get ready, set, GO!

It's been real. It's been fun. It's been grattifying and hard. I still have 9 days out here. But i'll see ya soon New York, I'll see ya soon <3

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    Wonderful that you're living the life and having the experiences that bring fulfillment. to you and others.

    Wonderful that you're living the life and having the experiences that bring fulfillment. to you and others.

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