On my way home! And Running into my friends Upstate Rubdown in Chicago!!

On March 10th, I left Portland and started heading East. Now I'm in Chicago, IL! A lot has happened in between Portland and Chicago. I told you about La Grande already, and then I made my way to Denver. In Denver a few amazing things happened. I saw an old friend, who I never thought I'd maybe ever see again, I got to spend time with my Uncle (first cousin once removed.. but we've decided uncle and neice sounds better...!) and I had so much fun with him and his lady love!! I was so taken care of by them all around. A SUPER COMFY BED, so much delicious food, many many laughs of amazing quality, and on top of everything I'll be inheriting their lovely Cat Nicky and their minivan, whenever their done with it... so a Madeleine Grace Tour Van... may very well be a thing :)!!

Next I went to Boulder, CO to finish up the performances I had booked before I left for this crazy journey. On Saturday March 28th, I opened the stage for a great musician David Coile. I had a small but very lovely audience, I played pretty well for not having a lot of time or space to ground out before hand, and I sold a few cd's and made some decent money for that night!  The next night I got to play some more tunes for the Boulder people at my friend Ben's house. He so graciously agreed to my house concert inquiry and it turned out to be an amazing night!  We made lasagnas, Ben hung his photographs on the walls, Erika, another friend from college, hung her art on the walls, and I ran into a friend from the Hudson Valley (who now lives in Boulder!) and invited her to open for me :)  It all couldn't have worked out more perfectly!

In the middle of the night however, the night leading into Sunday, March 19th a forest fire was started. The air was thicker and smoke could be smelled from on the porch. by 3pm they got it 20% contained and finally it was put out by the evening. You can read more about it here: 


I left monday morning and headed to Omaha, NE. I got there kind of late, the drive took me 10 hours, but when I rolled into town I saw that Shana Falana was playing at The Waiting Room. I went to go find a bathroom and there she was standing outside! I had been meaning to introduce myself to her becuase we are both living in the same area of the Hudson Valley. I said hello, told her who I was and she invited me into the show. After that, I went to the couch surfing host who accpeted my email. He was just one of the nicest people I've ever met! We chatted for a bit and connected on cooking, music and traveling. He made me feel as if his house was my house, and it didnt take long to really feel that way.  I slept for 10 hours! Then left in the afternoon to head out to Des Moines, Iowa. There I stayed with a friend of a friend, Aaron. He's activist/artist working for the Catholic Workers, an establishment that helps provide housing, food and hygene products for homeless, low income and other people who are having trouble meeting ends meat. It was amazing to experience that work, and I also had a great time getting to know him!

Now I am In Chicago, sitting in Uncommon Grounds about to get a dose of the always amazing Upstate Rubdown! It feels great to be traveling and run into two different bands local to my community :) Tonight I will stay with a friend who also used to live in NY and tomorrow he will hop in my car with me and I'll finally have a driving compaignion! We'll be making our way to Ithaca, and then finally, I will be home on Sunday the 26th. Get ready to have me back folks!!! The Madeleine Grace Band will be rocking the stage at Bacchus on April 15th!! It's hopefully going to be an awesome welcome home party!!!!

Have a good evening folks!! I cant wait to dance my booty off to my friends in Upstate Rubdown!!!

This photo was taken by the amazing sounds gura Daniel Hermon at The Laughing Goat. Boulder, CO


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