Heart Thoughts and reflections from Arcata, CA

Hello sweet sweet babes! 
I'm currently writing to you from Arcata, CA. The spaciousness created by the Ocean permeates the air and has sets into my skin. I imagine it will get deeper the longer I stay here, and soon I might not exist as I did before. 

I want to share with you a story from last month while I was in Italy:

I was on a train from Naples to Riccione, Italy. I was with my friend Kevin who's an Italy native and speaks Italian as his first language. I now have a little Italian under my belt, but at the time, I spoke NO Italian at all other than "Grazie!" 

As Kevin and I are sitting and talking, a very tall elder man with a wide shoulder span sits down in the row across from us. He has the largest hands I've ever seen. He begins talking to the woman next to him. After a few stops, she gets up and leaves. This whole time, I'm aware of this man. He is perspiring magic and seems so mystical and if only I spoke an ounce of Italian would I be able to start a conversation to find out more..... 

After that woman leaves, he starts the conversation for me. Kevin as my translator he tells us the story of who he is and what he does, almost like he read my brain and heart waves wanting to know more about him! His name is Gelsomino, which is Italian for Jasmine. He is a stone carver from Sardegna. He tells us that magic still exists there. That the veil between this world and the spirit world is very thin, and the natives there are still in communication with the angelic realms. He himself connects to Mother Earth and asks her if and how she would like to be sculpted in various types of beautiful stone and rock. He spoke of how his carvings are meant to show humanity the amazing quality of unconditional love that exists and is readily available for us to access... 

I started to cry. And I started to relate. With my own journey with sound. Sound that will hopefully help bring more love, specifically unconditional love to all those who listen, deeply listen. 

On these travels, I always inevitably meet someone who inspires the shit out of me, and reminds me that I'm doing what I need to be doing, no matter how arduous the journey or how seemingly uninspired the moment can be. 

Thank you Gelsomino. You are a bright light that cannot be dimmed. 

Gelsomino's train stop arrived and he kissed my cheeks, my hands, and headed off. As he got off the train, he turned and blew more air kisses to me and kevin. He had the most warming beautiful smile I've ever seen painted across his face. Filled with love. 

Here is his website: www.gelsominocasula.it/sculture-monumentali 
It gives you an idea of the amazing work this man has brought into this world. 

My contribution this month is a sound scape. Very much inspired by the work of Gelsomino, I tuned in and asked to connect to the universal energies so they could pour fourth through my feminine vessel. I hope you enjoy it! 

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Okie Dokie! Thats a wrap! 
I love You all so much! 

    >>•Madeleine Grace •<< 

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