Happy New Year! And Off She Goes Again..

Today I hold my heart tenderly with compassion while taking this plunge into feeling fully alive. I feel courageous, steady and I feel a stillness grounding me. I feel contemplative and reflective. I feel supported. By friends, family and strangers alike as I am relying on their kindness to shelter me from this winter weather. I am Officially "On Tour" again... and it hasnt quite sunk in yet.  I'm writing to you from Knoxville, TN where is is 13 degress. Tomorrow we'll be in Arkansas and then TX where on the 3rd, all start a 10 day Vipassanna retreat. I'm looking for more of that stillness of Presence within my body, to become a more refined channel of life and love to do the work I am here to do on Mother Gaia.  

Living on the edge is where we discover ourselves...  

I'll be back in mid January for another update <3

so much love to my Hudson Valley Family!!!  and all of my supporters!!! Thank you for all your support!


Happy New Year! SO MUCH LOVE!



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