Creating Avenues

San Francisco, thank you for the couch, thank you for the bed, thank you for the entire apartment to myself so it made me feel at home and part of the community. Thank you for all the enthusiastic musicians, thank you for the people who like to create supportive creative community spaces, and thank you for all the wonderful people I have met. Your forests are tall and verdant. Your neighborhoods are vibrant and lovely. You're people are delightful and friendly and filled with support. Thank you!

To sum up SF:
-I played 7 open mic and sold a bunch of CD's
-After perorming an open mic, I was asked to be on Behind the Mynd, a radio show where local musicans are interviewed and asked to share their story and music.
-I recorded a song in Dreamrack studio, and it's going to be used in a documentary about a man who is teaching El Salvadorian children how to sail.
-I met some people I hope to meet again and collaborate with on future projects.

Tonight I'm in Berkeley to play the open mic at The Starry Plough.
"Every Tuesday, the Starry Plough’s award winning open mic with host Joan Pez. Sign Up begin at 7:30pm and last until 8pm. Random drawing determines order (to keep things fair) and under-21 performances before 10pm. NO COVER."

If you're in the area, come find me and say hello!

I can and I can't beleive this tour is 2/3 of the way through! It feels like an eternity since I left my cozy spot nestled on the hill of Walnut Lane in Rosendale, NY. In some respects I feel ready to head home, but I still have a whole month left on this winding road. I'll be heading North to spend a few days exploring more redwoods and coastal estuaries, connecting with the pulse of this Earth Mother. I'll be stopping to see an old college friend in Arcata hopfully! and then heading to Portland, OR to see what all the hype is about :) will I finally eat my first VooDoo Donut there???? Keep your eyes pealed to find out!


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