Breaking Point

a tenderness enters. a stroke of a divine mothers finger draws back a rogue lock of my golden hair away from my face. my eyes gaze up towards hers as an infusion od wisdom seeps into my beingness. and a…



What is the essence of healing into health? 
Could it be presence with the stillness of life? Or the presence with the movement of love? Is it BEing present with this moment here now with what IS? We say, allow…

The End of a Journey is The Kindling of a Fire

April 8th 2018, 

Driving amongst familiar roads of the Hudson Valley, she is as beautiful and magical as when I left her 3 and a quarter months ago. It feels a like a dream still, but I’ve made it…

Heart Thoughts and reflections from Arcata, CA

Hello sweet sweet babes! 
I'm currently writing to you from Arcata, CA. The spaciousness created by the Ocean permeates the air and has sets into my skin. I imagine it will get deeper the longer I stay here, and soon…

Italy pt. I

Wow! Italy... What can I start with... I arrived on February 1st at 9pm to Naples. The air was thick with moisture. A dear friend that I haven't seen since college and her husband came to pick me up and…


How big can the Sky get?

Hey Folks! 

How vast the sky can be out here in the West... I recently ended my 10 day Vipassana retreat in Kaufman, TX. And I'd like to share my experience with you. and how the Sun saved me. 


Happy New Year! And Off She Goes Again..

Today I hold my heart tenderly with compassion while taking this plunge into feeling fully alive. I feel courageous, steady and I feel a stillness grounding me. I feel contemplative and reflective. I feel supported. By friends, family and strangers…

The Madeleine Grace Band

I have 9 days left on the road! But before I talk about what's ahead of me, let me sink back into what has happened since I last wrote to you here.

Portland, OR was a little cold, a…