Infused with love cordials and pungent elixirs, Madeleine’s music embodies the playful and deep resonance of her wild connection to the Earth. With a contagious energy, her improvisational soundscapes surge past the barriers of safe and expected, into uncharted melodies of the heart.  Madeleine speaks for the many realms of Earth and Cosmos and offer their sound as medicine to remember who she is, why she is here, and helps you do the same.

 A life long expression of song and sound had led Madeleine on a path to discovering and uncovering the truths and potentials of the Human Voice. After studying her own voice throughout high school and college, she completed a vocal pedagogy training with Jeannette LoVentri at Shenandoah Conservatory in 2010. This began a path of teaching voice lessons and a deeper understanding how to help others access their true vocal potentials. The work she does today has been shaped by her experience as a singer/songwriter, meditator, nature lover and dancer while exploring intuitive movement and connection to Source, spirit, creator of all there is.  Madeleine is now focusing on both the movement of sound and Body as a means of transformational living, helping others discover the light inside of themselves and their connection to the infinite source of love accessible to us.

“As a musician and an artist, it is my job to enrich the world with authentic expression, and it is my hope to inspire other people to open to their true nature and to their powerful potential so they may create authentically and bring forth their own richness and true expression of love into this world.”

Madeleine specializes in providing an engaging, intimate and healing performance. This is best suited for a listening audience. If you would like to book Madeleine for a House Concert, sound healing meditation or vocal explorations workshop, click here.

Madeleine is sponsered by Skytop Guitars in Gardiner, NY. 

Brilliant photography by the Magical Melissa Robins

Brilliant photography by the Magical Melissa Robins